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The Evli Trainee program has traditionally been a rotational program, where you stay for a certain time in one team and then rotate through a few different teams and get several brief experiences with different tasks. My trainee program for the spring was a bit different.

During the past three months that I’ve been working at Evli, I’ve been based in the Equity Research team working with equity analysis. From my perspective, staying in just one team for the whole period has enabled me to dive deeper on the team and the tasks, maximizing my own learning and professional growth.  

The equity research team at Evli serves Finnish listed companies by closely following and reporting on them and thus improving the flow of information to the institutional and private investors. The team consists of four analysts, each covering their own specific companies. In total the team follows around 40 different sized listed companies from various industries. As I started at Evli in February, the reporting period for Q4 was full on and it was quite clear that everyone had their hands full. This meant that right from the start, I got to work with demanding tasks, supporting the team in analyzing, reporting and communicating to the markets.

Firsthand experience from company analysis and investor communications

During my three months, my tasks have mainly been comprised of different aspects of company analysis, ranging from market research to financial modeling and analysis. I’ve played a role in our investor communication and partaken into company meetings, having the chance to meet C-level management from several listed companies and hear the thoughts of several institutional and private investors. All in all, I feel that I’ve had the possibility to see and learn tremendously, working with exceptional professionals in an inspiring environment.

The culture and work environment at Evli have been extremely supportive. I’ve been encouraged to challenge myself and deepen my knowledge, making use of all the learning opportunities offered. I’ve been given all the responsibility I’ve been willing to take and right from day one I felt as a full-time member of the team.

For anyone looking to build a successful career in finance and working within investment banking and wealth management, I recommend applying to the Evli Trainee program. The program offers unique first-hand experience and exposure to different aspects of banking, with a steep learning curve.

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