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Every year Evli welcomes 2-4 young talents to our Trainee program. The program is unique as it has a rotating function where you get the chance to familiarize yourself with different functions and units. Read further about Jesper's and Anna's experiences below.

Jesper's first experience at Evli

For my first month as a trainee at Evli, I worked in the execution team. The execution team consists of three equity traders with vast experience in trading and execution. Working within the execution department, I got many opportunities to learn more about algorithmic trading and how the department utilizes technology to streamline its processes. From studying for the Nasdaq Nordic Markets test, a test required for trading equities in the Nasdaq Nordic exchanges, I learned the terminology and rules concerning equity trading. I was then able to utilize that information to help the execution team build software to track and generate daily trading performance reports. The Trainee program at Evli has met and gone beyond my expectations, as I have had opportunities to meet and work with people from different teams and have gotten a clear picture of what I wish to do upon the completion of the Trainee program. The best part about the Evli Trainee program has been the people at Evli. In a short span of time, I have learned a great deal regarding equity trading and algorithmic trading. I believe the steep learning curve is primarily due to the help and support I have received from the employees at Evli and the members of the execution team. From the very first day of the Trainee program, I felt that my work and effort was appreciated and that Evli truly cares about the development of its trainees.

I recommend anyone seeking to establish a successful career in finance to apply to the Evli Trainee program as it offers a unique opportunity to get first-hand exposure into the many aspects of investment banking, including, but not limited to, fund management, corporate finance, and private banking. With the Evli Trainee program being a rotational program, trainees get opportunities to work on many different types of projects and tasks, which makes each day at Evli interesting and filled with new challenges to solve. Upon completing the first phase of the Trainee program with the execution team, I have since transferred to Portfolio Management and now work with the Factor Funds team. I am beyond excited to join the Factor Funds team, a team that places heavy emphasis on quantitative analysis with the help of programming and database management to find innovative investment solutions. The team consists of highly analytical portfolio managers with vast knowledge of financial academic research, factor investing, and portfolio theory; concepts I find intriguing and am excited to learn more about. In addition, with my programming background, I am excited to test my skills in a real-word setting and look forward to the new challenges that working with the Evli Factor Funds team will bring about.

Anna's first experience at Evli

When I was chosen to the trainee program I didn’t know what to expect. Only thing I knew was that I’ll have a rotation between three different units. Time has gone fast and now I am having only two days left in my first rotation in portfolio management’s Responsible Investment team. I didn’t have any previous experience of responsible investing but it was clear that no one expected you to be an expert when starting.  

During the last five weeks, I have learned a lot about responsible investing. Responsible investing means that you take into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors when investing. Among other things, I have prepared a comparison between our funds and benchmarks for instance, in thermal coal usage and ESG risk scores. I’ve also searched which type of ESG indices exist in the markets and categorized suitable ETFs based on the indices they aim to replicate. One of the most interesting thing has been to study, which exclusion criterions are in use in these specific ESG indices. The tasks have been very interesting and I’ve learned a lot from them. Probably, the biggest takeaway from these weeks has been the understanding of how big and important topic ESG investing is nowadays. Moreover, even though it is a hot topic now, it will be even hotter during the upcoming years. 

Next week I will be joining the execution team and later in the summer I will move to fund sales support team. I’ll have totally new things to learn, which is exiting since I have no idea what to expect. However, I am sure I get to challenge myself once again and learn from professionals. 

The working environment at Evli is great and very supportive. We have been encouraged to develop our knowledge and to be active. During these weeks I have been participating to many meetings and we have been offered information from other units as well. I am very satisfied with the training at the beginning of the first rotation since it creates the base for the whole learning process and during this whole time everyone has been more than willing to help me.  Among the working environment and colleagues, the nature of the program has been one of the best things here. The program is well designed since it enables trainees to get good insight of many different units, which helps us to figure out what we would like to do in the future. Due to these factors, I highly recommend Evli Trainee Program for those who are interested in the industry.   

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