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I spent my Evli Trainee summer in portfolio management. I had two rotations inside the portfolio management and got to experience different approaches to it.

I started in quant team, where I spent my first two months. In my time in the quant team, I got comprehensive view on what the quant team does at Evli.  I had couple different projects in the quant team and one of the projects was building automated reports. With this project I worked with Power Bi and databases. Another project was to build portfolio optimization tool. With this project I got to utilize python and portfolio theory. Through these projects I got relevant practical experience and learned a lot.

After my time in the quant team, I joined the fixed income team in portfolio management. In the fixed income team, I got to see different perspective on portfolio management. As part of the fixed income team I got to take part in roadshows, provide investment case examples and build portfolio comparison tool. I got to see how fixed income market work in practise and what it means to be asset manager in fixed income space. Before my trainee period, I was not very familiar with fixed income market but my 5 weeks in the team taught me a lot. I gained a lot of valuable knowledge and experience in the fixed income rotation.

I am very happy that I choose to spend my summer at Evli. I got practical first-hand experience about working in asset management. I got real responsibilities and interesting tasks. The Trainee program provided me great opportunities to learn and grow professionally. In addition to my rotations, I had the chance to learn about different functions in Evli.  These also gave me a good perspective what else happens in Evli. I can recommend Evli’s trainee program to everyone who are interested in asset management.

Samu Breite, Master of Science Industrial Engineering Tampere University of Technology

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