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When I applied for Evli's Trainee program, I remember reading the previous year's Evli Trainee blog posts. One of them ended with the following words: "Perhaps it is you who is writing the Evli Trainee Blog 2019". At the time, it seemed like a distant dream, but time has passed and now I am more than excited to say that I really am writing it!

As the Trainee program had a rotating function, I got the chance to familiarize myself with three different units. I started my Trainee period with the Institutional Sales Support team and I worked on both the international and the domestic side. Right from the start, I was warmly welcomed, and my ideas and effort were appreciated. For example, my first task was to find out how to make better use of the software available, and then I was asked to present my findings to other team members. During this first rotation, I also prepared comparisons between Evli’s funds and benchmarks, updated fund data in various databases and sales materials, and attended different meetings.

Next, I joined in Portfolio Management’s Responsible Investment team. In this team, I got the chance to familiarize myself with ESG which means that environmental, social and governance issues are considered when investing. Among other tasks, I examined the emissions and emission reduction targets of companies in the funds, searched different ESG indices and categorized suitable ETFs based on the indices they aim to replicate. As Evli’s Responsible Investment Analysts work in close collaboration with Portfolio Managers, being a part of this team offered me a first-hand opportunity to learn how responsible investing is implemented in practice. As an example, one interesting task was to study how the ESG process is implemented in Evli’s Equity Factor funds.

My third and last rotation was with Equity Research. Although Evli’s Equity Research team is small as there are four analysts, the team is full of expertise and I had the pleasure of following the analysts' work at close quarters. One of my tasks was to collect and analyze ESG data from the companies the team follows, so it was great to notice that in this task I was able to utilize the skills I had learned earlier in the ESG team.

In addition to the tasks mentioned above, I also had many other interesting tasks during the summer, and I also got acquainted with Evli’s other functions, such as Treasury, Private Banking, Execution and Back Office. It has been a great pleasure to work with people who are inspiring and skilled and to see how everything is connected. I’ve learned so much and I dare say I know a little about investment banking and wealth management now.

During the summer I got inspired by different career opportunities. If you have dreamt of building your career within investment banking and wealth management, I highly recommend applying for Evli’s Trainee program, because, as we already know, sometimes the dreams come true.


Kaisa Olli, KTK, rahoituksen maisteriopiskelija Turun kauppakorkeakoulussa

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