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We encourage all customers, partners as well as our own employees to report any suspected fraudulent or unethical behaviour.

The report can be made in the First Whistle reporting channel in English or Finnish.

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What should you report?

Our whistleblowing procedure is intended solely for reporting suspected misconduct or irregularities, such as fraudulent, inappropriate, dishonest, illegal or negligent activity or behaviour. The whistleblowing procedure should not be used for customer complaints or to report on issues related to personal disputes.

Customer complaints can be made in the following way:

  • Clients can give feedback to Evli primarily by contacting their own asset manager or contact person.
  • Clients may also give feedback by contacting the Investor Service.
  • Clients may choose to give feedback verbally or in writing by telephone, e-mail, letter or at client meetings.

More information: Client feedback handling at Evli

How should you report misconduct?

Everyone can make a report verbally by contacting the handlers mentioned below. For legal reasons, everyone except from Evli employees in Sweden, can also use the First Whistle reporting channel managed by an external partner.

The report can be made either openly by providing your name and contact information, or anonymously. All reports submitted to First Whistle reporting channel are treated with care and processed in a safe and secure environment. Your personal details – such as your name, email address or IP address – will not be stored unless you decide to submit such information yourself.

The report can be made in English or Finnish.

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Report handlers at Evli

Evli has designated that the notifications it receives will be processed by the Head of HR and Legal Affairs, assisted by the company's Compliance Officer and, if necessary, by the company's Internal Auditor.

Report processing times at Evli

  • Evli delivers confirmation of receipt to the notifier within seven days of receiving the report.
  • Three months after the confirmation, the notifier shall receive a response to his or her notification and information on the measures that will be taken based on the notification.
  • It is important to act according to the instructions given in the First Whistle reporting channel and to save the processing code.

Frequently asked questions

The Office of the Chancellor of Justice acts as a centralized external reporting channel for whistleblower protection. Read more