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Service providers

Information on the Evli Group and Evli Group companies can be found at

Information on the main service provider:
Name: Evli Plc
Business ID: 3239286-2
Address: Aleksanterinkatu 19 A, PO Box 1081, 00101 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358 (0)9 4766 90
E-mail address:

Evli Plc’s operations are monitored by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority, address Snellmaninkatu 6, PO Box 103, 00101 Helsinki, Finland, tel. +358 (0)10 831 51.

Other service providers:
The contact details of other service providers in the Evli Group and of external service providers are given in connection with the services in question.

Informational purpose and limitation of liability

These web pages contain general information about the Evli Group and the services provided by the Group. The material provided is for informational purposes only unless otherwise stated in a separate and specific notice. To the best of Evli Group’s understanding, all the information presented on these pages is true and correct on the date of its publication.

However, the Evli Group does not warrant or guarantee that the information is accurate and it does not accept any liability for errors or omissions in the material, or for the unsuitability of the material.

No material presented on these pages is to be construed as a binding offer to buy or sell fund units or other securities, nor is it to be interpreted as a solicitation to undertake any other investment activity. Investors act independently and on their own responsibility when making investment decisions. Investors base their investment decisions on their own research and assessments of companies and investments, and of the risks involved. If necessary, investors should consult their own tax, business, or investment advisors when making investment decisions. The Evli Group accepts no liability for any financial loss or any direct or indirect damage which may result from an investment or other decision based on the information published on these pages.

Content of the website and information produced or published by a third party

The Evli Group reserves the right at any time and without advance notice to alter the contents of the pages, or to discontinue their publication either temporarily or permanently. The Evli Group is not liable for any delay in updating the material.

The purpose of links on the Evli Group website to the web pages of other service providers is to provide further information. Evli is not responsible for the material or information provided or published by third parties to which there is a link on its website.

Technical Requirements

In order to ensure that Evli's online services ( and My Evli) work properly, please take note of the following technical requirements. and My Evli runs most reliably with the most recent versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge. On mobile devices, the services function most reliably with the latest phone and tablet versions of Chrome and Safari. We do not recommend using the service with Internet Explorer.

JavaScript needs to be enabled in your browser when using My Evli. JavaScript is automatically enabled if you haven't disabled it in your web browser.

Accessing the My Evli webservice

When logging in to the My Evli webservice or sending information via the Internet, the system access speed and the system response time may vary. The Evli Group seeks to the best of its ability to ensure the smooth functioning of the system and pages, but accepts no liability for data transmission problems, for delays, breaks or obstructions in Internet connections, or for loss or damage caused by the aforementioned difficulties.

Using e-mail

The confidentiality of e-mails sent via a public data network cannot be guaranteed. Sending personal information and other confidential information in an e-mail via a public data network should be avoided. The Evli Group is not obliged to carry out orders or other service requests that come via e-mail over a public data network. The Evli Group is not liable for any loss or damage that may be incurred by the sender of the message or by a third party resulting from that message being sent via a public data network.

Telephone calls and electronic messages

Evli records phone calls, electronic messages and electronic meetings. The recordings are stored for five years, or seven years at the request of a competent authority. Copies of recordings are available for clients upon request.

Incorporeal rights

The Evli Group holds the proprietary right, copyright and all other incorporeal rights to the material published on this website, unless otherwise stated. This information or any part of it must not under any circumstances be reproduced, saved, transferred or redistributed without prior written permission from the Evli Group, except for private use as defined in the Finnish Copyright Act (404/1961).

Applicable law and settlement of disputes

Finnish law shall apply in the relationship between the Evli Group and the users of these webpages. Any disputes that arise shall ultimately be handled and settled by the competent district court or by arbitration in Finland in accordance with the established procedure of the Evli Group.

Regional restrictions on provision of service

All Evli Group companies operating in Finland have been granted a license to operate as a credit institution, investment service company or other such company in Finland. Therefore, these pages are primarily intended for residents of Finland unless separately agreed or stated otherwise. This material is not intended for persons resident in countries where such activities have not been authorized by law.