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Responsibility creates long-lasting value

Evli’s primary task is to offer investment and financial services that help private persons, companies and institutions to achieve their financial goals. To achieve this target over the long term, in addition to financial factors, Evli considers the responsibility of its operations, for example through its environmental and social impacts and through human and labor rights factors. Responsible operations enable us to create long-term value and to remain competitive and successful in the changing global operating environment.

Responsible investing

We have integrated ESG-factors into our Wealth Management’s investment operations and our funds are managed in accordance with Evli’s Principles for Responsible Investment.
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Evli’s future is dependent on the trust of its clients, own personnel, owners, investors and society. To maintain and strengthen this trust, Evli must be proactive, transparent, highly ethical and have responsible operations. Evli’s responsibility stems from its values: entrepreneurship, valuable relationships, integrity and continuous learning. Evli’s Ethical Code of Conduct is also based on its values. The Ethical Code of Conduct serves as a guideline in the management of client and stakeholder relationships.

Responsibility stems from Evli’s values: entrepreneurship, valuable relationships, integrity and continuous learning. These  values also form the foundation for the ethical principles which direct the actions of Evli and its employees and which guide the company’s relationship with its clients and other stakeholders.

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“There is more accumulated capital in the world than ever before in history. Steering this capital wisely is critical to set the world on a sustainable path. It requires a broad understanding of the world and a strong sense of foresight.”

Maunu Lehtimäki, Chief Executive Officer, Evli Plc

At Evli, responsibility has been an integral part of business for years. Read about responsibility in Evli's business operations in our Corporate Responsibility Report.

Evli's climate targets aim to make a real impact on investments, businesses and the industry.

We see wealth as an engine to drive sustainable progress. We draw on our heritage, broad expertise, and Nordic values to grow and manage wealth for institutions, corporations, and private persons in a responsible way.

Focus areas in Evli’s responsible operations

Evli's mission is to increase clients’ wealth sustainably according to their individual targets. At Evli, responsible investment means that factors associated with the environment, society and good governance are integrated into the portfolio management. Evli believes that taking responsibility matters into consideration in investment decisions will increase understanding of investment objects and its future risks and opportunities better than by just analysing financial facts.

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As an employer, we are committed to creating responsible and high-quality work-life experiences for our employees and job seekers. Fairness, which encompasses equality, non-discrimination and diversity, is an integral part of Evli’s responsibility. At Evli, each business unit is responsible for ensuring that responsibility issues are taken into account in their daily work and that all employees are implementing responsibility into practice. 

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Evli is committed to taking into account both the direct and indirect environmental impact of its operations. Evli’s operations are always based on corporate governance, legislation and official regulations. Evli’s head office is located in Finland, and the company also has branch offices and subsidiaries in Sweden and the United Arab Emirates. Taxes are paid in accordance with the local legislation in each country.

Financial responsibility is fundamental to Evli’s operations. Financial responsibility means maintaining competitiveness, strong performance and good profit performance. Evli aims to be an interesting investment, both from the perspective of dividend income and increase in share value. Evli avoids unnecessary risks and concentrates on moderate, long-term growth and development. With responsible operations Evli creates long-term value for the owners and improves the ability to react to the opportunities and risks arising from economic, social and environmental megatrends.

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