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Responsible employer

As an employer, we are committed to creating responsible and high-quality work-life experiences for our employees and job applicants. Fairness, which encompasses equality, non-discrimination and diversity, is an integral part of Evli’s responsibility. At Evli, each business unit is responsible for ensuring that responsibility issues are taken into account in their daily work and that all employees are implementing responsibility into practice.

Our approach to responsibility and the way we work are based on Evli’s values: entrepreneurship, valuable relationships, learning, and integrity.


An entrepreneurial attitude gives everyone the freedom to act on opportunities.

Valuable relationships

We value our relationships with each other and want to help our colleagues succeed. We are inspired by and want to inspire our clients. We walk along side them.


We always strive to become better and are curious to explore new opportunities.


We stand behind our decisions and also have the courage to say no.

Areas of priority for a responsible working life

We want to be the best partner for our clients and the number one choice for both current and new employees. We value our relationships with each other and believe that we can always develop and become better. As a responsible employer, we are committed to continuously improving the following areas of working life.

1. Leadership

We believe that good managerial work is important for Evli Group's performance, personnel development and job satisfaction. Management’s task is to support and encourage employees to succeed and to continuously develop their skills and common practices.  

We focus our efforts on the professional development of our team leaders through regular training and meetings that contribute to their personal development. Management is regularly assessed through employee surveys, among others.

2. Well-being at work and the work environment 

We develop and foster the overall well-being of our employees and focus on a range of proactive measures. Work-life balance is one of the most important prerequisites for mental and physical well-being. We support this balance with the possibility of flexible working hours, remote working, and shortened work weeks. We also aim to provide our personnel with a good and safe working environment that promotes well-being and job satisfaction for all.

We aim to cultivate lasting work relationships and the well-being of our personnel over the long term. Through our age management model, we aim to promote long-term health. Personnel have access to specialist occupational health care and the opportunity to have regular age assessments. Long periods of sick leave are pre-emptively prevented through an early support model. Job satisfaction and well-being are regularly measured through employee surveys and internal questionnaires, the results of which are used to improve the working environment and work methods.

3. Diversity and equal opportunities

At Evli, we are committed to creating a workplace that is open, trustworthy, and equal. All employees are treated equally regardless of gender, age, ethnic or national origin, citizenship, sexual orientation, language, or religion. We address any perceived unequal treatment immediately.

We provide equal opportunities for personnel to advance in their jobs/careers, including by publishing vacancies also internally. We aim to increase the proportion of women in professional and managerial positions in business areas in a traditionally very male-dominated sector. Our approach ensures that parents receive equal opportunities to combine work and family life in a flexible way. In addition, we take into account all life stages and situations during a career through the age management model we have in place.

4. Continuous personnel development

We believe that we can always improve what we do and how we share knowledge and skills within the company. We enable each employee to develop as a professional. Through training and skills development, we aim to increase personnel motivation, commitment, and a sense of meaning and purpose. In addition to training, Evli encourages on-the-job learning and job rotation. We want to share knowledge between people at different stages of their careers and make use of the strengths and skills of people of different ages, for example through mentoring.

Evli Academy, intended for all Evli employees, arranges training events each year. The events give employees a chance to develop their professional skills and increase their job satisfaction. Personal professional development is the responsibility of the employee together with the supervisor.

5. Job stability and competitive pay

Management is responsible for developing the company's operations in a way that enables continuity of employment and attracts new talent to Evli. We cherish our existing employment relationships, but at the same time we want to be the first choice for new talented employees.

We strive to offer competitive salaries to ensure the retention of talented people and their interest in Evli as an employer. The Evli Group's remuneration model is in place to promote the implementation of the company's strategy, competitiveness, and long-term financial success. It also aims to contribute to the positive development of shareholder value and to engage employees in a long-term commitment to the company's objectives.

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