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53 Cellulose insulation for walls for floors recycled web

FEAB Isolerproffs divested to Cremab

Divestment to Cremab
October 2017
Sector: Industrial & Business services
Service: M&A

Our role

Exclusive financial adviser to the owners of FEAB Isolerproffs on the sale to Cremab


Cremab, founded in 2003, a Swedish company that provides blowing wool insulation and other energy saving services to all property owners. The company had sales of c. SEK 90 million in 2017


FEAB Isolerproffs is a leading provider of blowing wool insulation services to diversified end-markets including single villas, multi-family houses, condominiums, large real-estate complexes and public buildings. The company is located in Stockholm (HQ), Norrköping and Landskrona