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Due Compliance divested to Björn Lundén

Divestment to Björn Lundén
December 2023
Sector: Technology
Service: M&A

Our role

Financial adviser to the owners on the sale of Due Compliance to Björn Lundén


Björn Lundén provides accounting and financial software solutions targeted at accountancy firms and SMEs throughout the Nordics and the Benelux market. The company serves over 60,000 end companies and has developed a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and tools for administration, finance, accounting, tax, legal, personnel administration, time, project & expense management and ERP and in addition offers knowledge tools, books and courses in the aforementioned areas. Björn Lundén is owned by Main Capital Partners


Due Compliance is a provider of tools to make it easier for companies to fulfil their legal obligations according to Money Laundering Legislation (AML) and EU’s various AML directives. The company offer tailor-made, solutions integrated into existing systems for, among others, Lawyers, Law Firms, Accountants, Accounting Consultants, Financial Advisors and Real Estate Agents