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8 bolt-on acquisitions acquired by Netel

Eight bolt-on acquisitions
January 2023
Sector: Industrial & Business services
Service: M&A

Our role

Financial adviser to Netel Group (publ) on eight bolt-on acquisitions. Oppunda Kraftkonsult AB, Brogrund Mark AB, Svensk Elkraftsentreprenad AB, JR Markteknik AB och Täby Maskin & Uthyrning AB in 2021. Eltek Entreprenad Sverige AB, KMAB Karlskoga Mark AB, Bredbyns Schakt Bröderna Lundgren AB in 2022. Elektrotjänst i Katrineholm AB in 2023


Netel Group is a leading specialist in critical infrastructure in Northern Europe. Annual revenue amounts to some SEK 3 billion. Netel Holding is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm with IK Partners as its largest shareholder


8 companies that offers project management and service to fixed networks and/or power customers as well as companies in adjacent sectors such as heating, water and sewage