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EAB Private Equity

EAB Private Equity invests through a so-called co-investing strategy, where Evli and the private equity team, together with external investors, fund a project that is already known at the fundraising stage.


EAB Private Equity Ltd channels capital into unlisted assets and opens up access to this market to a wider range of investors.

Together with its investing clients, EAB Private Equity makes a capital investment in a target company already known at the fundraising stage. This increased transparency is a significant departure from traditional fund-based investment activities, where funding is raised before the actual targets are known to the investors. Also, the investment period in co-investing structures is typically shorter than in private equity funds.

The goal of the Evli private equity team is to find 1-2 attractive investment targets each year. With an investment strategy based on responsible investing, the focus is on companies that need support to enable or accelerate their growth potential. Companies are expected to have already proven their viability and be profitable. EAB Private Equity focuses on significant minority investment stakes, but on a case-by-case basis, the acquisition of a majority stake in the target company will also be evaluated. As an active owner, companies receive not only capital but also support in clarifying and implementing the strategy and access to a broad network of experts.

NB! This product is intended for professional investors and a limited number of non-professional clients who make an investment of at least € 100,000 and who are considered to have an adequate understanding of the fund and its investment activities.

The scenarios presented herein are estimates based on historical data on the performance of similar investments, as well as current market conditions, and they are not exact indicators. Actual results will vary, depending on the market development during the fund term.


This page provides general product information and is marketing communication. Historical returns are no guarantee of future returns. The value of an investment may rise and fall and the investor may lose some or all of the capital invested. The contents of this website should not be considered as investment advice and should not be relied upon in making an investment decision. Before making an investment decision, please consult the fund's legal documents, such as the key investor document. The information is available to those considering an investment from Evli.

Fund (AIF) EAB Private Equity
Minimum investment around EUR 10 million

Fund's expenses and other supplementary information are available in the Key Investor Information Document.