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Money transfers through My Evli

The Internet banking services of Nordea, the OP Bank Group, Danske Bank, S-Pankki or Ålandsbanken, can be used to transfer money through My Evli service. The transfer is quick and easy to make, and the money is immediately available for your use at Evli.

Account transfers through Evli's Client Funds Accounts

Money transfers in Finland

You can also transfer funds to Evli by paying the transfer sum into one of Evli's client funds accounts listed below. Please note that, in this case, the sum will be available for your use at Evli in the following banking day at the earliest. When transferring money, please always use individual portfolio specific payment reference. You will find the reference number in the My Evli service, or you can get it from our Investor Service. Money transfers to the accounts below, can only be done in euro.

NordeaIBAN: FI83 2400 3800 0273 16BIC: NDEAFIHH
OPIBAN: FI88 5723 0220 4710 85BIC: OKOYFIHH
Danske BankIBAN: FI04 8000 1101 1547 80BIC: DABAFIHH
ÅABIBAN: FI22 6601 0002 1637 31BIC: AABAFI22
S-PankkiIBAN: FI39 3636 3002 7547 11BIC: SBANFIHH

International money transfer

To Finland

When transferring money to Finland, please use zero value date payment in order for funds to reach Evli timely. Please always state your personal payment reference. We recommend that you use the IBAN and BIC codes.

When using SWIFT please note that the format should be MT103, and that the Fields 57 A, 59 and 70 need to be completed as follows.

The below SWIFT payment can only be done in euro:
Field 59: FI8324003800027316 EVLI OYJ
Field 70: Evli portfolio number

STP requirements

Account details, EUR

Beneficiary:Evli Plc
Bank:Nordea Bank Plc

Account details, SEK

Beneficiary:Evli Plc
Bank:Nordea Bank Plc

In case you wish to transfer money in some other currency than euro, please contact our Investor Service.

Within Sweden

When transferring Swedish krona within Sweden, please use the account below. Please always state your payment reference, available in the client agreement or from your account executive. Please note that money transactions may require more than one banking day. Money transfers to this account are only accepted in Swedish krona.

Beneficiary:Evli Abp
Account number:3959 10 01843
Bank:Nordea Bank AB