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The company has determined that the persons subject to notification obligations for their transactions with Evli shares and other financial instruments based on it are the members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Group and their related parties. Evli publishes in a stock exchange release the transactions in Evli shares and other financial instruments carried out by persons in management positions and their related parties as required by the Market Abuse Regulation.

According to the law, a person in a managerial position may not trade in securities issued by the company for 30 days before the publication of an interim report or the financial statements bulletin. Evli also applies a similar 30-day trading restriction to Evli Group’s employees who participate in the preparation or publication of the interim report and financial statements and who become aware of unpublished financial information at the Group level. The person in charge of insider issues at Evli is the company’s Head of Legal Affairs. Evli evaluates and monitors related party transactions between the company and its related parties.

Evli maintains a list of related parties. Evli’s related parties comprise its subsidiaries as well as the Board of Directors, the CEO, and the Executive Group, including any companies controlled or significantly influenced by them. Evli’s financial management monitors and reports related party transactions as part of the company’s normal reporting and control practices. Related party transactions which are not considered normal business activities are decided by the Board of Directors. Evli reports relevant and material related party transactions annually in the notes of the consolidated financial statements.

Evli also maintains registers of project-specific and transaction-specific insiders that are required at any given time.

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