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Efficient diversity management and promotion of equality help improve work well-being, increase employee commitment and fulfil the employees’ competence potential. In addition, diversity increases innovation, productivity and the company’s competitiveness.

Promotion of diversity

The diversity goals provide guidelines for Evli’s diversity and equality efforts and sets a target level for the promotion of diversity throughout the organization. The diversity goals also define the guidelines for increasing gender equality and, where possible, promoting the employment of people from different language and ethnic groups in Finland. The diversity goals apply to all Evli’s functions, and progress on achieving these goals is monitored annually.

One of the key elements of attaining the goals is the recruitment process. All recruitment is based on fairness, transparency and equity. The aim is to ensure that all qualified applicants have an equal chance of being selected. In addition to recruitment, equal treatment is ensured to all in the division of work tasks and career advancement.

Progress in the attainment of the diversity goals is monitored yearly.

Evli's diversity goals

  • The long-term goal is gender balance in the organization.
  • The minimum amount of under-represented gender in the Board shall be 40% by June 2026.
  • The recruitment process will be further developed, and greater attention will be paid to diversity in recruitment, for example by working more closely with stakeholders, including students, to make the investment industry more attractive to women.
  • In recruitment, the most suitable person for the position is always selected.
  • We ensure that there are always candidates of different genders when filling leadership positions.
  • Both genders must be represented in the group of people selected for the Trainee program.

Evli's Board of Directors have a Diversity Policy, which includes diversity principles. Read more about the Boards diversity.