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Direct marketing and use of personal data

Evli uses personal data in connection with marketing analysis and product and client analysis. Marketing measures and the development of processes, business and systems, including testing, are based on the processing of personal data. This enables us to improve our product selection and optimize the services we provide to our clients.
In certain situations, we will ask you for your consent to process your personal data. The request for consent will contain details about the processing of the data in question. If you have consented to direct marketing, you also have the right to withdraw your consent. Additional information on the use of personal data at Evli.

The purpose of processing personal data in direct marketing is:

a) The marketing and/or direct marketing of products and/or services that come under investment operations and related functions. This includes the selection of electronically targeted services.

b) The direct marketing of the services of companies that belong to the same Group as the controllers.
As a Group, Evli collects, processes and analyses data on the use, traffic and events of its website and the services provided through it. Databases may be formed from the above-mentioned data, which enable the statistical processing of the data.

Evli uses cookies in its direct marketing to ensure the functionality of its online services, to monitor the areas of interest of the visitors to its website and online services, and to target its marketing. Read more about the use of cookies and how to manage cookie settings.

How to opt out of the direct marketing register

Opting out of the direct marketing register requires some action on your part. When the GDPR entered into force, all direct marketing messages sent from Evli (for example emails) will include the possibility to opt out of direct marketing either completely or in the areas that you want.

You can update your email preferences or opt out of Evli’s direct marketing register by opening a direct marketing email that you have already received from Evli and at the bottom of the email click “Update your messages” or “Unsubscribe”.

If you cannot find an old marketing email sent by Evli, you can send a message to

How to add your name to the direct marketing register

Opting in to the direct marketing register requires some action on your part. When the GDPR entered into force, most direct marketing messages sent from Evli and pages on which orders are made, for example, will provide an option to opt in to direct marketing which can be done through the “Update your messages” link.