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Use of cookies

We collect information about how you use our website and services to provide you with a better experience. At the same time, cookies help us to improve the functionality of our websites even further.

We use cookies and similar technologies to help us:

  • Deliver products and services to our customers and website users
  • Provide you with the most interesting content possible.
  • Provide a safe online environment, including the prevention of scams and unauthorised access
  • Deliver marketing activities and enable a better customer experience online
  • Monitor the use of our website
  • Track analytics on our website

The information will not be used to identify individuals except in the case of My Evli customers.

What kind of cookies does Evli use?

We have grouped the different types of cookies into easy-to-understand categories.

Long-term cookies are used on our website to collect visitor statistics from our website and short-term cookies, known as session cookies, are used to implement My Evli and other services that require you to log in.

The information provided to you in the cookie panel is made transparent so that you can see which cookies are being used to improve your visitor experience. This allows you to make an informed decision about whether or not to enable them. If you wish to manage cookies or delete cookies, you can do so as described in the "Managing and deleting cookies" section.

In some cases, the use of cookies involves the processing of personal data. We have appropriate technical, organisational and managerial security measures in place to protect all data. Read more about the use of personal data

We use cookies belonging to the following categories:

Necessary cookies

These cookies are essential for the basic functionality of the website and its important features such as technical functions that ensure the website works as you expect.


Allow advertising to be targeted based on website usage. Information is collected to allow us to target advertising that is appropriate for you on different channels, such as Facebook or Google services.

Statistical tracking

These cookies are used to administer the page and record the number of visitors and other online analytics so that individual users cannot be identified.

Third party content

Evli may display third-party content on its website to provide various features such as videos and podcasts. These third parties often use cookies and thus receive and process information about how you use their services. Evli does not control the information collected by third parties in such cases.

Managing and deleting cookies

There are two ways to manage cookies on this website:

  1. Manage cookies for marketing and/or statistical tracking.
  2. Browser settings (with the option to block cookies completely).

Manage marketing and/or statistical tracking cookies

You can control cookies in the marketing and/or statistical analysis cookie via the cookie panel at the bottom of the page. These cookies will not be set unless you have given your consent to the use of these cookies.

We use marketing cookies to provide a better user experience when you browse our website. As an example, our video player and podcast component rely on functionality and cookies set by third parties such as Wistia and SoundCloud. We use statistical analysis cookies to allow us to understand your online behavior, which is essential for improving and personalizing your online experience.

If you choose not to give your consent to the use of marketing and/or statistical analysis cookies, this will prevent all communication and functionality in connection with the associated tools. This means that you will no longer be able to, for example, benefit from a personalized online experience. In the cookie panel at the bottom of this page you have a complete overview of the cookie categories and the cookies.

Option to completely block all cookies

You can choose whether to accept cookies in your browser settings. If you do not accept the use of cookies, you may use Evli's website and some of the services, but this choice may limit the functionality of the website and services.

Different web browsers may use different methods for managing cookies. Please follow the instructions below, from the web browser manufacturers directly, to configure your browser settings*.

*These links are to third party sites. No liability can be claimed against Evli if the information is inaccurate.

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