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Find and tailor a stock strategy that fits your goals.

One investment strategy does not fit all. Atlas is an investor's digital service that helps you find the right equity solution for you. With Atlas, you can use data and AI to build tailored portfolios based on your preferred investment style, objectives and sustainability themes.

How to build a portfolio in Atlas?

  1. Find the best options on thousands of stocks around the world. You can narrow down the stocks by index, region or any theme.
  2. Choose your investment style from the predefined options or create your own. You can choose your own return drivers, such as value, quality, growth or dividend.
  3. Choose the sustainability factors that are important to you.
  4. Monitor your portfolio with a wide range of reporting tools and make changes to your investment strategies with the help of Evli's experts.

Atlas opens all markets and offers hundreds of options

You can use Atlas to tailor a portfolio exactly the way you want it, or pick the best options from pre-built portfolios and investment ideas. Get to know just a few examples of the many possibilities.

  • Invests in quality value companies in Japan
  • Market-weighted
  • Medium and large companies
  • Invests in growth companies in the US that invest in research and development
  • Market-weighted
  • Companies of all sizes
  • Invests in global companies that consider sustainability and impact factors regarding biodiversity
  • Focused
  • Companies of all sizes

How does Artificial Intelligence in Atlas work?

Atlas Intelligence is Atlas' AI tool that makes business analysis unprecedentedly easy. Thanks to AI and high-quality underlying data, analysing large amounts of data and designing investment themes is fast and efficient.