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Sustainable investing has gained wide momentum across private assets and investors have a critical role in integrating ESG into their investment processes. This is what we will talk about in this special episode.

Evli Alternative Insights, special episode: Sustainability in private assets


Evli Alternative Insights is an 9-part video series hearing from investment experts across the field – all the way from infrastructure to real estate, forestry and beyond. Join us and subscribe here.

Key content: 

Sustainability in:

0:36 Infrastructure

3:45 Private Debt

5:49 Private Equity

6:56 Harvard professor Josh Lerner on Private Equity

8:34 Forestry

9:30 Growth Equity


Watch the video series: 

Episode 1: Infrastructure

Episode 2: Private Debt

Episode 3: Private Equity

Special episode: Private Equity Insights with Harvard professor Josh Lerner

Episode 4: Forestry

Episode 5: Growth Equity

Episode 6: Real Estate

Episode 7: Renewable energy

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