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What is the market outlook for renewable energy investments and where are some of the biggest growth opportunities? How is the energy sector developing and what are the key implications from an investors perspective? Join our experts to find out!

Evli Alternative Insights, episode 7: Renewable energy


Evli Alternative Insights is an 9-part video series hearing from investment experts across the field – all the way from infrastructure to real estate, forestry and beyond. 

Key content: 

1:11 How is the energy sector developing locally and in Europe?

2:17 What are the key implications from an investors perspective?

3:35 What kind of opportunities does the growing demand for energy storage provide? 

4:29 What kind of positive impact can be achieved through renewable energy investments?

5:30 How can we make sure that the projects are actually managed sustainably?


Watch the video series: 

Episode 1: Infrastructure

Episode 2: Private Debt

Episode 3: Private Equity

Special episode: Private Equity Insights with Harvard professor Josh Lerner

Episode 4: Forestry

Episode 5: Growth Equity

Special episode: Sustainability in private assets

Episode 6: Real estate

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