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2019 is coming to an end. With this annual review, we offer a smorgasbord of our top read stories. So, in case you’ve missed something, we’ve gathered the top picks of the year. Enjoy the holidays and thanks for reading!


Outlook 2020 - Implications for the Nordic Markets

Global monetary policy, China, Germany, US, Corporate leverage. What do they mean for the Nordic countries and markets, what is their outlook and prospects for 2020? See the video here

Back to the basics of investing

Rational decisions are the key to success in long term investing. Hans-Kristian Sjöholm, Head of Global Equities at Evli, describes the strategy with three principles to avoid emotionalism and speculation. See the video here

Evli Easy ESG

Taking ESG into account is the new normal. Choosing the right strategy is the key to all successful investing. How can ESG be incorporated in the investment process without compromising performance? See the video here


O Value, where art thou?

Getting timing right is always a struggle as irrational periods can last for a good while. But value is today extremely cheap in relative terms and sentiment towards value is extremely pessimistic — and we strongly believe it is a sensible time to buy value stocks — both for the short-term and the long run. Read more

Crossover credit in sweet spot of search for yield

The “low for longer” rates story is itself getting longer and longer. Which asset class is poised to benefit most? While we expect High Yield will provide the greater returns over the next 3 years, we believe crossover credit is best positioned to benefit from the ECB in the near term. Read more


Evli published it's Principles for climate change in May - What happened next?

This spring, we announced our ambition to make climate change and its related policies more prominent in our investments. In order to concretize our work, and present a clear approach to it, we published our Principles for Climate Change in May 2019. Read more

ESG in Egypt: A laughing matter

The CFO of a large Egyptian real estate developer stared at us blankly when we asked about their ESG policy. After explaining that it stands for environmental, social, and governance sustainability practices, she burst into laughter. “Nobody in Egypt is worried about such nonsense.” Read more


The Nordic Bond Market

The Nordic bond market is as large as the European High Yield Market. It offers a great variety of sectors, local mix and structure that bring diversification and additional returns to the portfolio. See the infograph

The institutional investor cheat sheet for ESG

Taking environmental, social and governance factors into account while investing is becoming the new normal. However, it doesn’t have to mean compromising performance. See here how to do it


The Nordic Corporate Bond Market

This white paper contains information about this less known pocket of yield, the structure of the Nordic Corporate Bond market, the reasons for it's competitiveness, diversification possibilities and much more. Download white paper here

Factor investing

A three-part series of white papers include a look at what equity factors are, how to invest across asset classes in a market neutral way and also offer the possibility to analyse the factors in a equity portfolio. Download the white papers here



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