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2018 is coming to an end. With this annual review, we offer a smorgasbord of our top read stories.

So, in case you’ve missed something, we’ve gathered the top picks of the year. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!


What is factor investing?

Factor investing is an efficient alternative to traditional passive investing. Factor investing means choosing a set of rewarded factors and minimising risk by diversification.

See the video, what are factors and how to add them to your portfolio?

Evli Easy ESG

Taking ESG into account is the new normal. Choosing the right strategy is the key to all successful investing. How can ESG be incorporated in the investment process without compromising performance? 

See the video here



Why Nordic companies don't worry about ratings

While official ratings are a big deal in Europe, in the Nordics, most companies are not rated by any of the major rating agencies. In fact, more than half of the Nordic issuers are unrated, which means companies that pay more coupon than their rated peers may remain unnoticed, even though their credit fundamentals might be better. 

Read the interview with top Nordic CFO's on how to price the risk. 

Finland's state pension fund aims for sustainable profits

 “Engagement is a big part of sustainable investing”, says Anna Varpula, VER’s Responsible investment adviser. A common misconception around adopting environmental, social and governance (ESG), or socially responsible, investing practices is that it may hurt the portfolio’s performance. However recent studies have found that investments that integrate ESG factors alongside traditional financial analysis tend to lower risk and outperform conventional portfolios over medium to long term

Read the interview with Responsible Investment Adviser, Anna Varpula, VER.



Lessons from the November market sell-off

November was an exceptionally volatile month for the bond markets and, to be specific, the worst quarter since 2011 for high-yield bonds. This led to a sudden spree of sell-offs in the fixed income market.

Here is a quick look at why it happened, how the market reacted to it and what we learnt from it.

Investment Outlook 2019

The key issues as we set our sights on 2019 are the progression of the global economic cycle, the inflation outlook, US and euro area monetary policies, globalization and world trade, political risks, the corporate performance outlook, valuation levels and the status of emerging countries. 

Read the Outlook

7 reasons to invest in unrated Nordic bonds

The Nordic market has been one of the steadiest fixed income markets this year and there are many reasons to invest here. Excess return, lower volatility, good liquidity in a stable environment to name a few.

Read more about why you shouldn't overlook the Nordic market

Factor in the environment

Did you know that you could reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing returns or efficient diversification? Low-carbon factor investing filters out high-emission stocks for you without losing out on profits.

Here's how



The Nordic Bond Market

The Nordic bond market offers great variety of sectors, local mix and structure. They bring diversification and additional returns to the portfolio.

See the infographic for information on market size, issuers, credit ratings and more.

The institutional investors cheat sheet for ESG

Taking ESG factors into account doesn't have to mean compromising performance. Make sure you know your terms, set your goals, receive transparency and reporting, and the act!

See the checklist here

Field guide to ESG

Taking into account different kinds of environmental, social and governance factors in investing is the new normal. But how do you navigate in the ocean of ESG themes and terminology?

See the picture



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We’ll be back in January with a new article to kick off the year. See you then! 

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