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A new year has arrived and we wanted to share our top stories of the year 2021, in case you missed any. Thanks for reading and happy new year 2022!


Macro and markets outlook 2022

What does 2022 hold for the global economy and markets? Our Chief Strategist Valtteri Ahti wrote an outlook of the upcoming year. Read more

One-Stop-Shop for Private Assets

Institutional investors have an insatiable appetite for private assets, but there is no easy passive way of getting exposure to this growing market. Read more

Decorrelate your portfolio by investing in the Nordics

The subject of decorrelation is one that continues to rumble on. But is there a case for the Nordics decorrelating from their European neighbours? Read more


Stagflation, Nordic IPOs and outlook for 2022

Tomas Hildebrandt sat down with Evli colleagues Valtteri Ahti, Ville Tiainen and Juhamatti Pukka to look back over the year and discover what is in store for 2022. Listen in as they discuss the possibility of a return to stagflation, the critical role of IPOs in the region and key things to look out for in 2022.

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The changing role of responsible investing and ESG

Head of Sustainability Outi Helenius and Head of Institutional Clients Kim Pessala join host Petter von Bonsdorff to discuss the changing role of RI and ESG in the industry. The trio then explores why the time is right to address issues surrounding the matter, talk about Evli’s updated ESG strategy and tackle the concept of greenwashing. 

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A commitment to responsible investment makes good business sense

Climate change increases the risks for companies and investments, and this is a crucial issue from an investor's perspective. For Evli, responsibility is one of the strategic focus areas and the company has clear objectives for developing responsible investment. Read more

Sustainability is a Nordic export

Nordic countries and companies are the forerunners in all things sustainable. For an investor wanting to strengthen their portfolio with innovative and responsible companies, it pays off to look north. Read more

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