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2020 is coming to an end. With this annual review, we offer a smorgasbord of our top read stories. So, in case you’ve missed something, we’ve gathered the top picks of the year. Enjoy the holidays and thanks for reading!


Why crossover is ideal for returns in this low-yield era

Low yields, tight spreads. It will be a struggle to generate healthy credit returns in 2020. Where to invest, without chasing yield in high risk or very long duration? A balanced mix of short-dated crossover and Nordic credits can provide you with solid returns. Read more

When is 'green' really green?

Green corporate bonds are growing in popularity, but it can be tricky to figure out just how green these investments really are. How do you know when ‘green’ is really green and not just a catchy name of the bond? Read more

Missed the credit rally? Still want in, but not high risk? Go Nordic.

When investors wanted to hop back onto the bandwagon, they went straight for the most volatile and riskiest. This left even the high-quality areas lagging. We believe there is still room for the rally to run, but the upside is in the higher quality Nordic region, and this is especially helpful for investors who don’t want to dive into the riskier parts of credit. Read more


Does responsible investing and ESG narrow investment spaces?

Season 3 Episode 2

Host Petter von Bonsdorff is joined by Evli's Tomas Hildebrant, a Senior Portfolio Manager, and Janne Kujala, Head of Nordic Equities. The three take a deep dive into the company’s way of implementing ESG and responsible investing, before discussing how ESG strategies can offer new opportunities without hampering portfolio results. Listen here

What does it take to become a successful portfolio manager?

Season 2 Episode 1

Juhamatti Pukka, Evli’s very talented Head of Fixed Income and also the youngest triple A-rated portfolio manager, talks about what it takes to become a successful portfolio manager an must have skills going forward. Listen here


The Nordic Bond Market

The Nordic bond market is as large as the European High Yield Market. It offers a great variety of sectors, local mix and structure that bring diversification and additional returns to the portfolio. See the infographic

The Nordics

What makes the the Nordic region so successful? In this infographic, we take a closer look at the Nordic model, the combination of social welfare and economic systems. See the infographic


Green Bonds support corporates driving global change

Not so long ago, ESG investing was considered a fringe area of investing. Now the pandemic is forcing us to re-examine how we allocate our financial resources. To bring out another cliché during these ‘unprecedented times’, it feels like sustainability really is proving to be the ‘new normal’. Because now we have a sense of urgency. Read more

Evli’s CEO delivers more and promises less on responsible investment

Evli is driving towards the widespread adoption of responsible investment. Thanks to the integration of ESG compliance into its investable universe, the firm is more committed than ever to safeguarding the future of all its clients. Evli’s CEO Maunu Lehtimäki sat down for an interview to tell us more. Read more

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