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Excellent start for Evli Infrastructure Fund I’s investment activities – numerous target company acquisitions already completed

Evli Infrastructure Fund I, Evli’s new fund-of-funds for unlisted infrastructure investments, has made its first investment commitments in infrastructure funds Arcus European Infrastructure Fund 2, Antin Infrastructure Partners IV, Partners Group Direct Infra 2020 and DIF Infrastructure VI. The selected funds have already invested in 15 companies, including Vicinity (district heating in the US), eFiber, Swiss4net and Eurofiber (fiber communication networks in Europe), Miya Group (water- and wastewater services in Portugal), VSB and BluEarth (renewable energy in Europe and North America), Toledo Hospital (PPP-infrastructure project in Spain), Constellation (cold logistics infrastructure in Europe), Telepass (tolling stations and -systems for European toll roads) and Horizon Energy (smart meter infrastructure in the UK).

Our fund intends to diversify its investments globally through roughly 7-10 infrastructure funds, each of which invests in 10-15 companies on average (in total about 100 portfolio companies/projects). The target companies operate and develop infrastructure assets – e.g. within communications (tele- and fiber networks, data centers), utilities (water, waste, gas), transport (roads, ports), renewable energy and social infrastructure. Infrastructure companies produce services which are critical for society, they typically have monopolistic characteristics, and they generate stable cash flows which are often inflation-protected.

The infrastructure asset class has historically generated an average return of +9.6% p.a. (IRR)*. Thanks to its defensive real assets-nature, the assets class has generated stable and predictable returns throughout economic cycles. Infrastructure investments have several interesting characteristics, such as stable cash flows, strong inflation protection and low correlation to other asset classes.

Evli Infrastructure Fund I offers investors access to the world’s leading infrastructure funds in a diversified manner. The fund is still open to new investors, and its final closing is planned in May 2021. This fund is intended for professional investors and a limited number of non-professional clients who make an investment of at least EUR 100,000 and who are considered to have an adequate understanding of the fund and its investment activities.

For more information, please contact:

Richard Wanamo, Investment Director, Private Assets, Evli Fund Management Company Ltd, tel. +358 50 441 0294,

*Source: Preqin 2/2021, median returns of infrastructure funds over the long term (IRR = internal rate of return).

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