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We have published Evli’s biodiversity roadmap which sets action steps for 2023–2025 for our actions to consider biodiversity. The purpose of the roadmap is to gain a better understanding of the impact of investments on biodiversity, to promote Evli’s biodiversity research and to develop biodiversity-related reporting.


Incorporating biodiversity, or in other words natural diversity, into investing is fast emerging as a significant area of responsibility alongside climate change. The World Economic Forum’s report states that more than half of the world’s gross domestic product is moderately or heavily dependent on nature and the services it provides. Biodiversity has a significant impact on human and planetary wellbeing as well as on the preconditions for economic activity. Nature provides ecosystem services on which many business activities depend. Correspondingly, companies’ activities may have impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services. Therefore, it is also important to recognize the impacts of corporate actions on nature. 

Evli’s biodiversity roadmap

The action steps of Evli’s roadmap for considering biodiversity in investment activities are the following:

  1. Building a snapshot
    In its investment activities, Evli seeks to identify biodiversity-related risks and dependencies as well as the impacts of investments on biodiversity. For this purpose, Evli improves the analysis of its investments and explores nature-related metrics. 

  2. Developing data and tools
    As part of building a snapshot and analysing investments, Evli examines available data, identifies the needs of new metrics and develops portfolio management tools so that biodiversity-related metrics are taken into account in investment analysis. 

  3. Engagement and active ownership
    Based on relevant biodiversity metrics and analysis, Evli seeks to identify target companies it can engage with to address biodiversity matters. As part of active ownership, Evli also continues to collaborate with other investors to engage with companies when the target and goals of collaborative engagement are in line with Evli’s biodiversity work. 

  4. Developing reporting and TNFD reporting
    After identifying the biodiversity metrics integral to investment activities, Evli aims to improve its responsibility reporting. Evli aims to find biodiversity metrics that comply with, for example, recommendations of the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) or other reporting frameworks, and describe, in the best possible way, biodiversity risks and impacts related to investments. Evli will report on its investments in accordance with the TNFD from 2025 onwards. 

  5. Setting biodiversity-related principles and targets
    As a result of the roadmap, Evli seeks to set biodiversity principles that specify how Evli takes into account biodiversity as part of its investment activities in different asset classes. In addition, Evli’s monitored metrics, analysis tools, engagement targets and principles as well as biodiversity-related reporting are described in the principles. 

    In the future, Evli also seeks to establish biodiversity targets. The aim of Evli’s biodiversity roadmap is to set action steps for biodiversity-work, and based on that more detailed biodiversity targets and asset class-specific policies can be determined in the future.

Continuation of Evli’s sustainability work

The biodiversity roadmap is continuation of Evli’s sustainability work with regard to environmental matters. In the fall of 2023, Evli joined the global Nature Action 100 initiative, which focuses on driving greater corporate ambition and action to stem biodiversity loss. In summer 2022, Evli joined the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) forum, which focuses on a reporting framework for nature. In addition, Evli has signed the global COP15 investor statement ‘Moving Together on Nature’, which called on governments to take coordinated action to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss and to give financial institutions a stronger mandate to align their financial activities with biodiversity targets. Previously, Evli was involved in the PRI-led collaborative engagement initiative ’Need for Biodiversity Metrics’, with the aim of encouraging the development of biodiversity-related reporting practices. 

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Evli’s biodiversity roadmap

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