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Evli's active portfolio management and disciplined work have borne fruit, as Evli has been rated the best fund management company in Finland when comparing the Morningstar qualitative ratings of investment funds registered in Finland.

Evli Fund Management Company got the top ranking in the average Morningstar qualitative ratings of fund management companies registered in Finland. The average qualitative rating of all Evli funds registered in Finland is 4.00 on a scale of 1 to 5. The comparison includes 26 different Evli funds.

"This result would not be possible without long-term successes. As an active asset manager, we seek to navigate through different market conditions based on our strong experience, our extensive resources, and our systematic analytical work. This is also appreciated by many Finnish institutional investors, as we are one of the most widely used institutional asset managers in Finland," says Kim Pessala, CEO of Evli Fund Management Company.

Nearly three-fourths of Evli’s funds have a four or five-star quality rating. Five Morningstar stars are only awarded to those in the top tenth percentile in the fund category, while the weakest tenth receive one star.

Five-star funds in each asset class

Evli has at least one five-star fund in each asset class (equity, fixed income, and balanced funds). Five funds have the highest 5-star qualitative rating.

"We pride ourselves on our broad expertise across various asset classes. We are particularly pleased that Evli’s Finland funds have had five stars for several years now. The high-quality ratings of our funds reflect our strong investment expertise and our systematic and long-term approach," says Pessala.

The comparison includes those fund management companies with at least ten Morningstar-rated investment funds registered in Finland. The comparison is based on the fund unit class with the highest number of stars in each fund, as at May 31, 2022. In total, 10 different fund management companies are included in the comparison.

Morningstar is an independent investment research company that compares funds against their peers on the basis of long-term risk-adjusted returns. The company provides monthly qualitative ratings for funds with a return history of at least three years. Morningstar ratings, or qualitative ratings, are based on the risk-adjusted returns of funds over 3, 5 and 10-year periods in their peer group. You can read more about the principles of the qualitative ratings here.


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