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The new Evli Private Equity III fund invests in top-quality private equity funds operating globally in the so-called ’buyout’ market, with investments in unlisted shares of large and medium-sized companies. The fund offers investors a high yielding, diversified and easy route to international private equity investments.

Evli's private equity investment activity has a long history of over 20 years, with an excellent track record of successful fund selection. Evli Private Equity III will continue on the path set by the Evli Private Equity fund programme, which has proven to be successful.

"The aim is to invest in a diversified portfolio of 10-15 buyout funds, each investing in an average of 10-20 companies. The fund will have a total of 150-300 target companies worldwide. This will allow us to offer excellent diversification in an asset class with very good return potential. The fund offers the opportunity to invest in carefully selected and difficult to access buyout funds," says Ben Wärn, who manages the fund.

The value creation of private equity funds is based on a professional management model, which usually focuses on the rapid growth and efficiency of the companies' businesses. While private equity funds have attracted significant global capital inflows over the past decade, they have maintained a good investment pace and have done so at reasonable valuation multiples for the underlying companies. While the median returns for the asset class have been good, the gap between the best and worst performing funds is significant. This underlines the importance of access to the best funds and careful and successful fund selection.

"Our team has access to the best private equity funds globally through a long track record and a broad network of contacts. Since 2002, our team has managed more than EUR 600 million in cumulative private equity commitments, and we have made commitments to more than 50 target funds globally over the course of our operations," says Wärn.

The fund is aimed at investors who do not necessarily have the resources or capital to make direct investments in the underlying companies or in private equity funds. Wärn points out that in private equity investing, perseverance pays off. "Timing your investments is very difficult, and this is particularly true for private equity. We strongly believe that private equity investing should be done in a programmatic and long-term approach to achieve the best possible results. Our new fund is a continuation of the previous funds to address this need," says Wärn.

"Responsibility (ESG) is integrated throughout the fund's investment process, guiding fund selection, monitoring, and reporting. Private equity investing is growing all the time and Evli Private Equity III demonstrates our commitment to investing in this market and providing our clients with the best possible opportunities to succeed in private equity investing," says Wärn.

The new fund is part of Evli's comprehensive alternative investment fund offering, which includes the private equity (unlisted shares), as well as real estate, infrastructure, forestry, and private debt asset classes. There are 11 alternative funds in total, managed by a portfolio management team of over 20 people. The funds have a combined client assets under management of around  EUR 1.4 billion (30.9.2021).

Evli Private Equity III is aimed at professional investors and a limited number of non-professional clients who have a sufficient understanding of the fund and its investment activities. The minimum investment in the fund is an investment commitment of EUR 100,000.

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For more information:

Ben Wärn, Evli Fund Management Company, Director, Private Assets, tel: +358 9 4766 9444,

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