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Morningstar, a fund research firm, has awarded Evli Fund Management Company as the best fund house in Finland in its annual Morningstar Awards1 comparison. Evli, which recently became the third largest asset manager in Finland, was also among the top three in two other award categories.


Kim Pessala, CEO of Evli Fund Management Company, is delighted with the achievement and sees it as concrete proof of Evli's consistent and relentless work in managing clients' investments to achieve the best possible return. As an active fund manager, Evli strives to deliver long-term value to its clients. Evli's success is measured by the success of its clients and this award is a testament to Evli’s unwavering commitment to its philosophy.

"A strong client focus combined with a drive to be the best has always been in our DNA. This recognition is a tribute to our portfolio managers for their hard work and dedication. I believe the achievement also sends a message to existing and potential new clients that Evli is committed to work persistently to develop its funds in a rapidly changing world”, says Pessala.

Evli was also successful in other categories in the Morningstar Awards. Evli Fund Management Company was ranked in the top three in the Best Fixed Income Manager category and the Evli Global B Fund was ranked in the top three in the Global Equities category.

"These successes are also valuable achievements and highlight the multi-faceted expertise that exists within Evli today”, states Pessala.

Each year, Morningstar selects the winners of the fund series of its Morningstar Awards by comparing the realised returns of funds against their risks. The comparison takes into account one, three and five-year return histories and three and five-year risk relative to the funds' Morningstar rating.

Evli third largest in Finland

Evli was recently ranked as the third largest fund management company in Finland in the fund comparison by Investment Research Finland. The rise results from the merger between Evli and EAB Group Plc, which has expanded Evli's product and service offering and increased its portfolio management resources.

EAB Group Plc merged with Evli in early October 2022, increasing Evli's client assets under management and strengthening its expert, sales and customer service resources in Finland. Evli's portfolio management team now comprises more than 20 people in the traditional funds team and nearly 40 people in the alternative funds teams.

"Efficient capital allocation is essential for a well-functioning society and for sustainable development. By joining forces with EAB, we are even better positioned to pursue our goal of being the leading asset manager and responsible capital allocator in the Nordic region”, says Kim Pessala.

Leading fund house in Europe

  • Best Fund House Overall in Finland 2023
  • Best Finnish Equity Fund in Finland (Evli Finnish Small Cap) 2022
  • TOP 3 Fund House Overall in Sweden 2021
  • Best Fund House Overall in Sweden 2020
  • Best Fixed Income Manager in Spain 2019
  • EUR Bond Fund in Finland, France and Spain (Evli Corporate Bond Fund) 2018

  • Best fund, Bond EUR Corporates Short Term: Evli Short Corporate Bond 2021 - Europe, Germany and Nordic awards
  • Best fund, Equity Nordic: Evli Nordic 2021 - Europe and Nordic awards
  • Overall Group Award: Small Company Fixed Income 2020 - France awards
  • Overall Group Award: Small Company Fixed Income 2019 - Europe, Germany and France awards
  • Overall Group Award: Small Company Fixed Income 2018 - France awards

In addition to Morningstar Awards, Morningstar publishes independent investment analyses and comparisons. The company is also known for its mutual fund star ratings.

For more information:
Kim Pessala, CEO, Evli Fund Management Company Ltd, tel: +358 9 4766 9141,

1 Morningstar Awards 2023 (c). Morningstar, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Awarded to Evli for Best Fund House in Finland.

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