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Evli Alexander Incentives

Now is the time to turn the gaze towards the spring 2021 Annual General Meeting and the Remuneration Report that will be presented there for the first time.

Last year we assisted numerous companies in drafting the Remuneration Policy, and now we continue the work with the Remuneration Report.

As always, Evli Alexander Incentives provides its clients with a comprehensive and efficient service, tailored to the clients’ needs and in a flexible scope.

When drafting the Remuneration Report, it is important to:

a) understand the minimum requirements for the Report,
b) consider the investor perspective,
c) create a reporting format that will also serve as a basis in the coming years and various situations.

Furthermore, it is important that the process of producing the Report is smooth and clear from the point of view of the Remuneration Committee and the Board of Directors.

We help companies with the drafting of the Remuneration Report — our consultation ranges from commenting on a draft Report to a turnkey service, or to any extent in between.

Contact us to hear more about our thoughts on the requirements of the Report and the ways in which we can help to get through the drafting process.


Additional information:

Kristina Wichmann, Partner, Evli Alexander Incentives Oy, Tel. +358 50 560 5507,

Antti Kärkkäinen, Manager, Evli Alexander Incentives Oy, Tel. +358 50 491 5853,

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