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EAM expands services to short-term schemes with personnel funds.

The new business segment is headed by Mr. Timo Wallenius, who has vast experience in strategy, award systems and personnel funds.

“Finnish companies are negotiating over competitiveness and wages. Personnel fund is an ideal joint solution. It also helps to negotiate high taxation and stiff total remuneration”, says Wallenius. “Most unlisted companies have award systems, like bonus systems and profit sharing, which could be channeled through personnel funds. Even traditional Christmas bonuses. Allocating bonuses to personnel fund allocation is voluntary, so each individual can decide annually”.

EAM aims to upgrade service levels to personnel fund members, transparency and impact of reward schemes, by launching new service models to fund members, employers and business owners.

“Bonuses are added with salary related costs, and upon withdrawal 20 % is tax-free. Basically, one euro becomes one-and-a half, and by time with smart asset management, even more. Personnel fund is a part of extra pension planning and tax-efficient way to invest using soon-to-launch stock savings account, Wallenius continues. “Working life improves gradually. People’s capitalism, entrepreneurship and individual ways of working and rewarding all come together in personnel fund. It’s part of an employment offering, offered by employer to employees. Each and every individual can pick and choose for their needs in their particular situations in life. Employer, who offers a personnel fund, competes for the best talent available” Wallenius concludes.

Additional information:
Timo Wallenius, Product Manager, Evli Awards Management Oy, p. +358 9 4766 9443,

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