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The dividend was deducted from the net asset value of the A-class fund units on March 13, 2019.

The dividends will be paid to unitholders on March 20, 2019 to their designated bank accounts at Evli Bank.

The dividend statements are available in the ”My Info & Reports” section of the My Evli online service.

Fund Dividend EUR / A unit
Evli Corporate Bond A              3.47
Evli Emerging Frontier A 5.09
Evli Emerging Markets Credit A 2.78
Evli Equity Factor Europe A 4.19
Evli Equity Factor USA A 4.73
Evli Equity Factor USA IA 4.77
Evli Euro Government Bond A 0.62
Evli Euro Government Bond IA 1.00
Evli Euro Liquidity A 0.05
Evli Europe A                 2.34
Evli European High Yield A 4.38
Evli European Investment Grade A 3.14
Evli Factor Premia A 3.56
Evli Finland Mix A               0.14
Evli Finland Select A 0.62
Evli GEM A 5.47
Evli Global A               0.26
Evli Global X A 3.97
Evli Japan A 3.61
Evli Nordic A 6.13
Evli Nordic Corporate Bond A 2.74
Evli Nordic Corporate Bond IA 3.16
Evli North America A 5.70
Evli Q7 A 4.05
Evli Russia A 4.17
Evli Short Corporate Bond A 0.28
Evli Global Multi Manager 30 A 3.57
Evli Global Multi Manager 50 A 3.07
Fund Dividend SEK / A unit
Evli European High Yield A SEK 29.50
Evli Swedish Small Cap A 114.50


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