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How should children's rights be taken into account in investing and business? What are the challenges? In the first episode of Spotlight on Responsible Investing video series, we discuss the topic together with Outi Kauppinen from UNICEF Finland. 

In Evli's video series Spotlight on Responsible Investing, we discuss themes, trends, and market outlook of responsible investing with seasoned experts. Topics include human rights, climate and biodiversity issues.

Episode 1: Children's rights

Key content:

1:11 What does UNICEF do in practice?

1:43 What does children's rights in business actually involve? 

2:32 Why are children’s rights currently high on the agenda in investment, and why should they be given more attention? 

4:22 Concrete examples how children's rights can be taken into account as part of risk management

8:32 What are the challenges around this topic?


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