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How to consider biodiversity in investing? What tools are available for investors? In this episode, we discuss biodiversity with our guest Janne Peljo from the Confederation of Finnish Industries and Karoliina Lindroos from Ilmarinen. 

In Evli's video series Spotlight on Responsible Investing, we discuss themes, trends, and market outlook of responsible investing with seasoned experts. Topics include human rights, climate and biodiversity issues.

Episode 2: Biodiversity

Key content:

1:10 Why has biodiversity risen on the investors agenda and how can investors take it into account?

1:56 What did the Biodiversity Conference in Montreal (COP15) achieve in terms of promoting biodiversity?

2:49 What are the implications for investors?

3:39 What opportunities do investors have to manage biodiversity risk? 

4:35 What concrete tools are available to investor?

5:19 Where is biodiversity in the Finnish business landscape, and are there some industry differences in Finland or globally?

7:03 What kind of developments would you like to see regarding biodiversity?

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