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The stock market has been beaten in recent years by alternative assets, such as venture capital, infrastructure, real estate, forestry and natural resources. Not surprisingly, interest in the asset class is at an all-time high. But while there are plenty of podcasts discussing the stock market and the analysis of those stocks, there is still a lack of discussion about investing in alternative assets. Finnish asset manager Evli wants to change that. Evli is therefore launching the Antibörspodden (The Anti Bourse Podcast), a podcast dedicated entirely to investments beyond the stock market.

Alternative investments have outperformed other asset classes over the past 20 years, according to data from investment data firm Preqin. In the last five years alone, investments in alternative assets have had an average annual return of 20%. But despite this, the classic 60/40 portfolio is still most prevalent, where 60% of assets are invested in equities and the other 40% in bonds. Jesper Roslund, Head of Alternative Funds in Sweden at Evli, believes that the podcast, which is the first of its kind and aimed at professional investors, fills a void in the debate among Swedish investors.

"There is great interest in investments in Sweden and you see that in the newspapers, in online forums and on podcasts. But people rarely look beyond the stock market. We know that there are many customers who want alternative assets but need guidance in how to manage that. In Antibörspodden, we will go beyond the traditional and explore exciting opportunities to raise awareness and provide insights that can benefit our listeners in their investment strategies," says Roslund.

Antibörspodden will be released in three episodes starting this autumn. Jesper Roslund, who also hosts the podcast, will together with invited guests shed light on alternative investments in general but also take a more in-depth look at individual asset classes.

The first episode of the Antibörspodden is dedicated to explaining why investors should diversify their investments with the help of alternative asset classes. By spreading risks and exploring different investment opportunities beyond stocks and bonds, investors can create the conditions for higher returns and less volatility. Jesper Roslund and his invited guests will also highlight what alternative investments can be and examine their performance in recent years.

"Alternative investments can include infrastructure, private equity, private debt, real estate and hedge funds, among others. Private equity is the sector where you have historically been able to earn the most. But in the last five years, infrastructure has also been a very interesting asset class and it can be anything from solar parks to ports, toll roads and state-funded road construction. The advantage is that you have a reliable counterparty in the form of the state or similar, so there is a very steady cash flow that has historically yielded a return of 7-9%," says Jesper Roslund.

For more information, contact:

Jesper Roslund, responsible for alternative funds Evli Sweden
+46 707 608182

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