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Time has flown fast and now it is already the last week of the Evli Trainee Program. A lot has happened during these months and my learning curve has definitely been upward sloping.

As you probably know, I spent my first rotation with portfolio management’s Responsible Investment team. After this, I continued to the execution team. The team is small as there are only three traders in the buy-side, but they have top-notch skills in trading and execution. During these weeks, I learned a lot about things you can never learn in school.  I got the chance to learn about algorithm trading and the front side of the whole trading process. I also accomplished the Nasdaq Nordic Markets test which is required for equity trading. Studying for the test was very helpful since I learned a lot about terminology, different strategies and most importantly how the equity markets work.

My third and last rotation was with the institutional fund sales team. During the last weeks, I have learned more about fund markets which is continuum to what I learned in portfolio management. I have helped the team to collect fund data from different sources and worked closely with other teams. Another interesting task was to explore the Nordic fund markets and gather information about it. Among these I have had many other tasks going on. It has been a pleasure to work with so many different people and to see how everything is connected to each other no matter with what you work. During the three and a half months I have learned so much thus it is difficult to point out one single thing but I would say I do know quite a bit about fund markets now. In addition, it has been very educational to see how equity brokerage works in an investment bank, since until this summer my only experience has been trading on my own behalf.  

The atmosphere at Evli is something extraordinary and it has been great to see how everyone works as a team.  Everyone I have spoken with has been friendly and helpful and I have got many good advises I can bring along during my career. Since Evli is a rather small investment bank, everyone is on the same line. It has been easy to get in contact with my supervisors and I have noticed that there are no dumb questions. I have laugh a lot at work which is, for me at least, a good sign of a working environment. Evli has good job opportunities and you always got to challenge yourself.  These three and a half months have been enough for me to realize that this is what I want to do in the future as well.

If you want to build your career within investment banking and wealth management I highly recommend Evli and Evli Trainee Program. Perhaps it is you who is writing the Evli Trainee Blog 2019.


Anna Rissanen, Trainee

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