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The Evli Emerging Frontier fund has an exceptional three year track record. The fund focuses on growing small and medium sized developing countries. It seeks out quality companies with attractive valuations, strong growth and consumption oriented operations. Strict fundamental requirements and on location due diligence have acted as the basis of operations.

The fund's investment strategy, which is fairly different from that of any peer, has been successful since the beginning. The performance of the fund is in the Top 1% among peers who invest globally in developing markets*. Additionally, Morningstar awarded the fund with the full five stars for its 3-year anniversary.

























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See more about the Fund here.

* Source: Bloomberg, 11.8.2016. All the global emerging and frontier funds with daily return and volatility data. Excludes levered, micro (AUM < 5M €), and country/regional-focus funds, fund of funds and feeder funds.